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Yith Geoip Language Redirect For Woocommerce

Yith Geoip Language Redirect For Woocommerce

in , on 12/09/2021

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Yith Geoip Language Redirect For Woocommerce

According to Internet Retailer, you can increase ecommerce conversion rate by 14-76% only adding product reviews to your online store. Furthermore, some marketing research found that 77% of consumers read reviews before purchasing online.

Numbers are clear: whether you have a small e-commerce or a huge online business, reviews are the simplest way to improve your products sales and loyalize customers.

Our plugin will let you manage reviews made by customers that have bought one or more products from your website in the easiest way, and consult them quickly and handily.
Thanks to options such as the one that lets users filter reviews by ratings, or the one that allows users to evaluate a review and see how many people have already judged it helpful.

We ve listened to our customers requests while creating this plugin, setting our main goal to increase the effectiveness of theWooCommerce reviews system and automate its functions in ordare to make you save time that s better spent managing other aspects of your store.

We have also introduced the chance for users to reply to reviews in order to create a dialogue between users, and the chance to edit reviews thus making it possible for a negative review to turn into a positive one and stop damaging your sales.

Your customers will also be able to evaluate reviews and penalize unhelpful ones, in order to create an automated and functional system.

Reviews are the showcase of your store, so chose to display your products in the best way!


  • Create one or more redirect rules for your website
  • Choose the country to which the redirect rule applies
  • Choose the HTTP status code to associate to each redirect rule
  • Make a redirect based on:
    • your website domain
    • custom URLs
    • custom URLs matching regular expressions
    • all the posts of your website (or just one of them)
    • all the pages of your website (or just one of them)
    • all the categories of your website (or just a specific one)
    • all the tags of your website (or just a specific one)
    • all the products of your shop (or just a specific one)
    • the shop archive page
  • Choose the destination URL among the following:
    • a custom URL
    • a post from the website
    • a page from the website
    • a product detail page
    • a category detail page
    • a tag detail page
  • Choose on which devices redirect rules have to apply:
    • desktop
    • mobile
    • all devices
  • Choose to redirect only users who visit the page for the first time (after that, they will no longer be redirected, they will regularly access the selected page unless the cookie has expired)
  • Exclude users from a certain country from being redirected
  • Exclude one or more IP addresses from being redirected

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