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WooCommerce Cart All in One – One click Checkout – Sticky Side Cart

in , on 03/04/2022
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WooCommerce Cart All in One – One click Checkout – Sticky Side Cart

WooCommerce Cart All In One Plugin is a powerful extension which helps to innovate the functions of the Cart on the WooCommerce Store. The plugin also provides users with many useful tools to design all the elements relating such as Sidebar Cart, Menu Cart, Sticky Add To Cart button, Checkout on Sidebar Cart, which will make your WooCommerce Store to work more effectively.

The plugin allows you to design the front-end of sidebar cart,  menu cart and Sticky add to Cart button to match with your website. The designs can be visible on settings area before publishing.


  • 2 styles: there are 2 sidebar cart style full height and pop-up.
  • 4 position: you can put the sidebar cart in 4 positions.
  • 8 styles of Sidebar trigger Event
  • 12 loading type and change the color loading bar
  • Automatically open sidebar cart when adding products to the cart.
  • Flying cart animation: animation display the product go to customer cart.
  • Open the sidebar cart when add products to cart.
  • Add to cart animation: display an animation of the product “fly” to cart when clicking the add to cart button.
  • Header: change background change, title, title color, apply coupon button color in the header area.
  • Product list: background color, product image radius, product title color, remove icon color. Change the title color when hover mouse on the product.
  • Footer: change the background color, checkout button text, checkout button color, view cart button text, view cart button color, cart total text color in the footer area.


  • 4 front-end styles: The styles of sidebar icons are designed creatively to have more choices for users.
  • 45 cart icon: There are many cart icon types from simple to eye-catching to suitable with many different styles.
  • Customize the size of cart icon: Change the Sidebar cart icon size with the adjusting ruler.
  • Customize the position of cart icon: Choose the positions for sidebar cart icon on the site by the Sidebar Cart Horizontal and Sidebar Cart Vertical.
  • Shadow for box: Create the box-shadow  to make it more impressed
  • Color Settings: Easily to set the color of sidebar cart icon, background,  product counter, Border Radius. The users can choose the colors from color picker or enter the color hex.


  • Navigation page: choose to redirect to the cart page or checkout page when clicking on the menu cart icon.
  • Show content: display the content of the cart when hover mouse on the menu cart icon.
  • 45 cart icons for you to select.
  • Change the color of the cart icon and cart hover color.
  • Cart icon text: choose to display product quantity, total price, or both quantity and total price on the cart menu.
  • Choose to show the subtotal or total price on menu cart
  • Change the text color of the menu cart.


  • Select Product to Preview: Help user design sticky add to Cart button easily and effectively
  • Templates: There are four templates of sticky add to cart button to choose
  • Positions: Set the positions for sticky add to Cart button.
  • Display of Product ratings and Product Quantity.
  • Set up the colors by color picker of text, background, icon…
  • Adjust the Border radius, image width, size of buttons…


  • Customize the steps of checkout.
  • Change the title of steps.
  • Chose the icon displayed on checkout area on sidebar Cart
  • Set up the color for background, icon, button and border-radius.

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