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Ninja Forms - PDF Form Submission

Ninja Forms – PDF Form Submission

in , on 02/03/2021

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Ninja Forms – PDF Form Submission

Generate a PDF of any WordPress form submission. Export any submission as a PDF, or attach it to an email and send a copy to whoever needs one!

Do you need to share form submission data with colleagues, customers, or members of your team It s easy enough to email that data out or even export it directly from your WordPress dashboard. Unfortunately the default formatting for emailed or exported WordPress forms data can leave a lot to be desired. PDF Form Submissions can change that!

  • Standard CSV exports can be hard to read and problematic to open.
  • Emailed form data can be messy and difficult to sort through, especially for longer forms with lots of data.
  • Sharing raw submission data can appear disorganized and unprofessional- not a look you want for your business!

PDFs standardize that format for a more professional look and feel. They re also much easier to share. Even customize them to meet your own individual standards!

Upgrade to professional, accessible, portable submission records with PDF Form Submissions

You want your business to put its best foot forward at all times. From internal record keeping to documents sent to your customers, PDF Form Submissions will help you meet that goal.

  • Do you need an officially formatted record of submissions
  • Need portable submission records
  • A way for people without administrator access to your WordPress website to view submitted data
  • A more user friendly, accessible format to present submitted data

If you answered yes to any of these, you need PDF Form Submissions. You ll replace the often difficult to parse CSV document that WordPress defaults to with a PDF template that s not just easier to open and read, but easier to customize and share.

Send PDF copies of any WordPress forms submission by email, or export them directly from the dashboard

PDF Form Submissions allows you to automatically attach a PDF copy of the form submission with any notification email. You can also go into the WordPress admin and download a PDF copy of any submitted form.

Either way you go, it s as simple as toggling a switch or clicking a button. There s zero learning curve to get started!

Download PDF Form submissions and upgrade your WordPress forms submission records today!

*** At this time, RTL languages or Han characters are not supported without custom development of the PDF template. We can unfortunately only provide support for the standard set of UTF-8 characters at this time.

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