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Ninja Forms - Multi-Part Forms

Ninja Forms – Multi-Part Forms

in , on 08/02/2021

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Ninja Forms – Multi-Part Forms

Give submissions a boost on any longer form by making it a multi-page form. Drag and drop fields between pages, add breadcrumb navigation, a progress bar, and loads more!

Ever passed on filling out a form because it just looks like a time-consuming pain to complete We all have.

Life is busy and our free time is precious. WordPress forms that look long and involved are simply going to get less interaction than simpler ones.

  • Are your longer forms being submitted less often
  • Do you have lots of users visit a page but not complete the form there
  • Want to substantially increase the conversion rate of any longer form

Multi-Part Forms is your solution! Break longer forms into less intimidating and easy to complete sections with ease!

Create multi-part forms effortlessly with a drag-and-drop interface

Breaking an existing long single-page form into multiple pages takes nothing more than a few mouse clicks to achieve. Multi-Part Forms features a full drag-and-drop interface so that you can effortlessly arrange and organize.

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