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Ninja Forms - Front-End Posting

Ninja Forms – Front-End Posting

in , on 09/02/2021

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Ninja Forms – Front-End Posting

Let users publish content just by submitting a form! Completely configurable including post type, title, even categories and tags. Set post status, author, and much more!

User-generated content isn t just valuable, sometimes it s a must-have for what you need. Want students to be able to post content to your website Want customers to be able to leave product reviews and ratings Need authentic social proof straight from your users

There are a lot of reasons why you might want user-generated content on your WordPress website. There are probably just as many reasons why you don t want users to have access to your WordPress admin.

Is there a way to allow user-generated content without giving away dashboard access

Yes there is, with Post Creation!

Allow publicly viewable user-generated content from the convenience of your WordPress forms

Post Creation for Ninja Forms allows anyone to submit content for your review. Once approved, that content will be publicly displayed on the page of your choosing.

Allow users to easily publish posts, pages, and even custom post types with little to no involvement required on your end.

Post Creation captures the WordPress post editor experience for your users with zero risk

Simply add the new Create Post action to any form and designate the publishing location to get started. Follow up with whatever parameters you want to include, or set it to let your users decide. Category Tags Custom taxonomies Set them yourself or let your users do it!

Post Creation offers virtually every option contained within the WordPress post editor. The Ninja Forms HTML field even gives your users a rich text editor to create headings and more! Combine with File Uploads to let users submit images, video, and more!

You retain full control over content published to your site, always. Simply toggle the default post status to Draft or Pending. Set up an email notification on the form, and you know when there s something new to review!


  • Create posts, pages, or custom post types from any of your WordPress forms.
  • Set default post status: draft, pending, or publish.
  • Set default categories, and/or custom taxonomies, and tags.
  • Let users to create new categories or items within custom taxonomies.
  • Allow users to select tags and categories
  • Attribute posts to the current logged-in user or any other registered user.
  • Allow non-registered or non-logged-in users to create posts.

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