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Newsletter SMTP Addon

in , , on 05/05/2022
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SMTP Addon

The SMTP addon adds the capability to deliver your newsletters using an SMTP service. Originally the SMTP feature was part of the Newsletter plugin and this addon is perfectly compatibile with that feature and its settings.

If you need to use an SMTP to delivery your emails, we suggest to look at some third party plugins which integrate the SMTP delivery at lower level within your WordPress blog. The Newsletter plugin uses those ones seamlessly and you gain the advantage to send all emails from your blog via your chosen SMTP.

You can find more SMTP enabler plugin searching the WordPress repository.

What about the “insecure SSL” option?

Some not correctly updated servers could be missing some SSL certificates and PHP raises an error while trying to connect to an SMTP with a secure connection. Enabling the insecure SSL avoids that problem.

Is there a way to test with a public SMTP?

Yes. There is not a public SMTP (which really sends emails) but you can use the fantastic Mailtrap service, which simulates an SMTP and has a cool console to see what is happening. Super recommended.

Only newsletters are delivered with SMTP?

Yes, the SMTP addon works only with newsletters and service messages (like the welcome email, activation email and so on). All other emails sent by your blog are not delivered by this addon.

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