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Elementor Pro Form Google Spreadsheet Addon

in , , on 05/04/2022
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Elementor Pro Form Google Spreadsheet Addon

WPSyncSheets For Elementor, which is a highly important plugin to customize your Elementor Pro forms entries flexibly within one single google spreadsheet. With its unique feature, users can add/remove sheet headers names on their own and they can also rename the existing sheet headers name within the spreadsheet. Export all Elementor Pro forms entries in google spreadsheet.

  • Save all the entries within one google spreadsheet to make your enquiries/leads effective.
  • User can create the new spreadsheet and sheets based on the name in the settings page.
  • Add/Edit/Remove sheet headers name on their own and they can also rename the existing sheet headers name.
  • Easily freeze header row (first row) of sheet with the setting page option.
  • Global Form can also be used to export all the entries in google spreadsheet.
  • Mapping Sheet Headers, allow user to associate with left side of sheet headers with right side of form fields to get all entries into the google spreadsheet.
  • Sorting Headers, will sort the sheet headers row as per the general settings.
  • Date & Time, option to save the date and time of the entries within the spreadsheet.
  • Entry Protection, system also causes the issues to send an email to the administrator to improve your business.

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