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Advanced Ads Responsive Ads

in , on 15/04/2022
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Advanced Ads – Responsive Ads

The Responsive Ads add-on allows you to display ads based on the size of your visitor s browser. Responsive Ads makes your ad setup compatible with any mobile and desktop device and has dedicated support for ads on AMP pages, including AdSense.

Delivering ads that fit is the biggest problem when optimizing ad income on responsive websites. A 728 pixels wide Leaderboard just doesn t fit on a smartphone and only confuses visitors. However, using small banners on large screens reduces your income unnecessarily.

Responsive Ads allows you to set a range of browser sizes your ad is being displayed on. Hide large ads on small devices and deliver well-performing premium sizes on large browsers only. You can target your ads based on a fixed, minimum or maximum browser width or by defining a certain device as a Visitor Condition.

With the Responsive Ads add-on by Advanced Ads, you deliver your ads right into the broad realm of today s needs of responsive design.


  • set minimal and maximal browser width to display ads for
  • convert AdSense ads automatically into AMP format
  • enable AdSense Auto ads on AMP pages
  • support for AMP versions of every ad network that offers them
  • display condition to show or hide specific ads on AMP pages
  • set custom sizes for AdSense responsive ads
  • set default AdSense sizes to rectangle, vertical or horizontal
  • customize Adsense Responsive Matched Content unit for desktop and mobile
  • list all ads by their responsive settings on the dashboard
  • frontend assistant to display ad, container, and window size for admins
  • detect tablets
  • force responsive image ads if not supported by the theme
  • ads are updated when the screen resizes and Cache Busting in Pro is enabled


When you want to use the browser width visitor condition on cached websites, you probably need Cache Busting from Advanced Ads Pro. The custom sizes for AdSense responsive ads also work without extra cache-busting.

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